Riset-riset terkait Smart System Engineering:

NoJudul RisetDosen PenelitiTahun
1The Development of Social Media Intelligence System for Citizen Opinion and Perception Analysis over Government PolicyMuhammad Habibi, Dayat Subekti2022
2Klasterisasi Penjawab Berdasar Kualitas Jawaban pada Platform Brainly Menggunakan K-MeansPuji Winar Cahyo2022
3A Social Network Analysis: Identifying Influencers in The COVID-19 Vaccination Discussion on TwitterMuhammad Habibi, Puji Winar Cahyo2021
4Hashtag Analysis of Indonesian COVID-19 Tweets Using Social Network AnalysisMuhammad Habibi, Adri Priadana2021
5Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modeling of Indonesian Public Conversation about COVID-19 Epidemics on TwitterMuhammad Habibi, Adri Priadana2021
6Indonesia Infrastructure Development Topic Discovery on Online News with Latent Dirichlet AllocationMuhammad Habibi2021
7Analysis of Popular Hashtags on Instagram Account The Ministry of HealthPuji Winar Cahyo, Muhammad Habibi, Adri Priadana, Andika Bayu Saputra2021
8Topic Modelling of Germas Related Content on Instagram Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)Muhammad Habibi, Adri Priadana, Andika Bayu Saputra, Puji Winar Cahyo2021
9Health in Digital Era 4.0: Analyzing Reader Engagement Rate on Instagram Account of Government Health AgenciesAdri Priadana, Andika Bayu Saputra, Puji Winar Cahyo, Muhammad Habibi2021
10A User Recommendation Model for Answering Questions on Brainly PlatformPuji Winar Cahyo, Kartikadyota Kusumaningtyas2021